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Role: Lead UX
When: June 2016 - Current

At a glance, what is/was it:

  • A cash management and payment system for transactional banking for commercial clients
  • An incorporated dashboard for dis-jointed products and services
  • An international trade portal
  • A foreign currency purchasing platform
  • Integrating an FX tool into Commercial Banking
  • Integrating a 'future clearing model' for cheque self-management
  • Adapted third-party products to align to expected and desired UX
  • Designing complex functional data tables

Considerations / issues / roadblocks:

  • LBG would acquire off-the-shelf products for their Commercial Banking product offerings
  • Differing technology platforms behind each LBG Commercial Banking product offering meant incompatibility in both aesthetic design and functional design and so inherent user experience was not good
  • Poor user experience due to these incompatibilities (which were sometimes insurmountable) resulted in fragmented design solutions

My involvement, exactly:

  • I designed a single-sign-on solution to alleviate the need for customers to have and to remember multiple sign-on credentials for the multiple products and services they have
  • I designed a dashboard that presented information from a customer's Commercial Banking product set, that also allowed for quick access
  • I designed for complex requirements through a 'minimal', 'partial' and 'full' solution approach in regard to addressing the various technology restrictions in integrating the disjointed LBG product offerings, as a means of still achieving best-case UX design recommendations to illustrate options to the business
  • In a similar scalable 'minimal', 'partial' and 'full' approach, I designed for simple data tables through to complex data management tables