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Image: screenshot of a work-in-progress wireframe from the LMS I was designing.

Role: Lead UX Designer
When: May 2015 - June 2016

At a glance, what is/was it:

  • An LMS platform for primary and secondary schools
  • The CMS platform for the LMS was Moodle
  • An LMS that was launched in South Africa, India, Hong Kong, Brazil, Australia and Mexico
  • A responsive LMS web application and an Android and iOS app
  • The solution was designed to be responsive between small and large screen devices

My involvement, exactly:

  • I was the Lead UX
  • I engaged stakeholders within the business to help gather and understand requirements
  • I worked remotely with Product Managers all over the world (South Africa, Hong Kong, India, Brazil) to gather requirements and insight
  • I sketched user journeys
  • I planned the architecture
  • I sketched wireframes on paper with pen
  • I produced digital wireframes in Axure that were both static and interactive
  • I engaged a user testing company to user test early iterations
  • I circulated and presented the user testing findings to stakeholders
  • I engaged and managed internal UX resources in South Africa and India to accommodate localisation and local testing
  • I aided localised user testing in South Africa
  • I engaged the business at the highest levels to get buy-in on the UX solution
  • I worked alongside a design agency who designed the visual interface layer from the wireframes
  • I worked with the same design agency and the client to refine and improve the visual layer for business sign-off
  • I worked on subsequent release design iterations for business and regional requirements to be phased in as the product matured

Considerations / issues / roadblocks:

  • South Africa needed a low-bandwidth solution due to slow Internet speeds (compared to Hong Kong which had fast Internet) so a lightweight design (and code) solution was required
  • Global regions had differing and sometimes competing requirements that needed consideration - the UX recommendation was that these become component-like region-specific features

Design examples:

The visual design of the 'class' page in the LMS that I lead the UX design on.
The assignment overview page detailing tasks for students to complete before submitting it to their teacher.