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Role: Lead UX/UI Designer
When: June 2012 - March 2013

At a glance, what is/was it:

  • A design role for the 'global' web team incoporating UX lead thinking and visual design execution
  • Various small and mid-sized projects
  • The introduction of new ideas for increasing sales while attracting and keeping users on site for longer

Considerations / issues / roadblocks:

  • The 'global' web team met some resistance from certain regions who felt they had no say in the new direction - this involved walking them through the various improvements and explaining why changes we being made

My involvement, exactly:

  • I oversaw all aspects of new design for regional rollout
  • I took control of an agency-lead redesign of the homepage and evolved this new look and feel further
  • I redesigned booking user flows for hotel and flight bookings
  • I conducted a UX review of all main transactional/booking journeys
  • I redesigned common-components to fit the new design language, and to improve the UX
  • I introduced cross-selling 'destination' pages that were both transactional and informative - these gained buy-in from tourist body partners
  • I used pen and paper to wireframe, then Axure
  • I got my hands dirty and created UI design
  • I worked with internal developers to build out solutions
  • I conducted gorilla-style user testing on the new solutions' wireframes to gauge and observe any issues in order to remedy them

Design examples:

An un-solicited recommendation for STA, my 'destination' page was designed to feature engaging content and better interaction that offered new selling space and improved booking methods. A one-stop 'destination' page for a given destination. I designed the UI also.
A work-in-progress design to improve sales of tours via increased engagement, in part by offering as much crucial information, as is comfortably digestible, on the list view of the tours page.