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Acronyms used on this website include:

  • BA - Business Analyst
  • CMS - Content Management System
  • FX - Foreign Exchange, for settling international transactions with foreign currency, or trading in and converting the currency of one country into that of another (Business Dictionary, 2019)
  • LMS - Learning Management System
  • UI - User Interface; also colloquialism for User Interface Design or User Interface Designer
  • UIer - User Interface Designer
  • UX - User Experience; also colloquialism for User Experience Design or User Experience Designer
  • UXer - User Experience Designer

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Terms used on this website include:

  • Android - the name of the operating system used on many smartphones and tablets, owned and maintained by Google. (Burrell, 2018)
  • App - an abbreviation for 'application', or software programme, that can be run on computing devices like smartphones, tablets, smart TVs, smart watches, desktops and laptops. (Karch, 2019)
  • Axure - is a desktop application used to create wireframes, interactive prototypes and flow diagrams for websites and apps. (Axure, 2019)
  • Front-end - a front-end developer; a term for a person who writes client-side web site function code (as opposed to a back-end developer writing server-side coding).
  • Lead UX - a role or job title for the user experience designer that oversees the direction of the user experience work on a project, oversees all other user experience designers.
  • iOS - an operating system for Apple-manufactured devices, iOS runs on the iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Apple TV. (Techopedia, 2019)
  • Moodle - is a content management system learning platform designed to be used by educators, administrators and learners (Moodle, 2019)


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