The candidate .

Evan is an established and experienced Lead-level User Experience (UX) design professional with strong skills across research and design. He practises user-centred design principles and techniques and possess a thirst for knowledge, continually striving to learn. He has broad exposure across many industries with experience in projects of varying complexity, making him well-versed in designing and advocating for a varied set of users.

Evan has spent the last 9 years contracting as a user experience designer in a career of 17 years crafting usable user-centred design solutions. His background is in web-related disciplines like usability, visual design, markup and some front-end dev.

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Professional bio

Evan's web and web-related design beginnings started in his bedroom in the family home where having built his first computer, he taught himself HTML markup with the aid of an 'Idiot's Guide to HTML' book and free 30-day-trial software. Less than 30 days later, Evan had his own hand-coded website hosted on Geocities (those were the days). Evan's exposure to web 'design' per se came via formal education - in what was then called 'multimedia' (Dip. in Multimedia) and later, learning much while on-the-job.

Evan's early career saw him doing BAU work (campaigns, email newsletters, banners, art working) before eventually undertaking larger product redesigns as he progressed from junior to mid-weight designer. As Senior designer, Evan established whole product designs and innovations of suits of websites, while managing BAU and design within small teams. These days Evan is leads research, design and full-cycle product design projects.

Evan has designed everything from simple HTML sites, CMS sites, back-end heavy sites, those driven by multiple micro-services, complex multi-user permissions-based responsive web apps for small and large screen devices and more. Having worked in both in-house for small and large companies and agency-side for creative and advertising agencies, Evan's experience has seen him working with different personalities, people and roles at all levels of a given organisation. Evan's evolution to Product Designer (research + UX design + visual design) came about organically via way of his varied career.

Currently, Evan runs OldWorld Creative Ltd. designing solutions for various clients - most recently a UX-led financial services transformation solution for a large business and commercial banking client in London, as well as the purchase journey UX of a US-based ecommerce company.

Design tools

  • Axure
  • Figma
  • XD
  • Sketch
  • OmniGraffle
  • Invision / Zeplin
  • Photoshop / InDesign / Illustrator
  • Pen and paper

User-centered design (UCD) methods and techniques

  • Desk-based / competitor research
  • Heuristic evaluations (Nielsen 1994) / Design reviews
  • Qualitative / Quantitative research
  • Stakeholder interviews
  • Task analysis
  • Journey mapping
  • Surveys
  • Expert design
  • Persona creation
  • Requirements gathering
  • User story writing
  • Card sorting
  • Contextual / Ethnographic studies
  • Design thinking
  • User journeys / User flows
  • Pen and paper sketching of journeys / flows / components / pages / interaction
  • Wireframes
  • Interactive prototypes
  • Lean UX
  • Rapid prototypes
  • Low-fidelity UI design / prototypes
  • High-fidelity UI design / prototypes
  • A/B testing
  • User validation testing / analysis
  • Guerrilla testing / analysis

UX disciplines

  • Design thinking
  • UX Research / User Research
  • UX Design
  • UX Writing / Copywriting
  • UI Design
  • Interaction Design

Accessibility principles

  • WCAG 2.0
  • WCAG 2.1
  • WCAG 2.2 Working Draft (awareness of)
  • Section 508 USA (awareness of)


  • Agile
  • Scrum
  • Kanban
  • Sprints / Design sprints
  • Jira / DevOps
  • Lean UX
  • Rapid prototyping

Dev / markup

  • HTML5 / HTML 4
  • CSS3 / CSS 2
  • (a bit of) JS

Industry / sector experience

  • SaaS
  • Land referencing, development planning and geographic information systems
  • Maritime engineering (self-servicing tool for engineers)
  • Financial services (commercial banking / business banking)
  • Telecoms
  • Education (LMS for primary and secondary school students and teachers)
  • Travel (booking / ecommerce / promotional)
  • eCommerce (retail / promotional)
  • Agency (Design / Advertising)
  • Startups / Greenfield


  • 2019 - BA (Hons) Photography with First Class Honours
  • 2002 - Diploma in Multimedia
  • 2002 - Diploma in Software Development
  • 2002 - Diploma in Network Engineering

Strengths and weaknesses

Evan is personable and pragmatic, a no-nonsense sort of guy. He's a strong conceptual thinker who enjoys solving problems (that's what UX is after all) and he's adept at identifying and improving upon arbitrary and system-driven journeys. He does this by rationalising user journeys and by then streamlining and simplifying tasks - always for the user and not the system. He's a strong advocate for the user.

Evan doesn't like presenting or pitching. In fact, he absolutely hates presenting and pitching and always has (honesty is the best policy, eh!). So, don't book him for this. Instead, for his well-rounded industry experience, excellent, solid, reasoned and robust UX thinking. Thinking that provides insightful and innovative solutions that improve upon the task at hand, as well as the overall experience of a given product. Put it like this - you don't hire your accountant for his sense of humour, you don't engage Evan for his public-speaking. We can't all be perfectly well-rounded superstars.