The candidate .

User Experience Designer or Product Designer, Problem Solver or Design Thinker - whatever we want to call it, Evan Skuthorpe has over 17 years' professional experience in crafting usable user-centred design solutions as both a UX and visual designer. The last 9 years have been spent specialising in user experience (UX) with constant learning, adoption and practice of user-centred design principles. Prior to that, Evan was an accessibility and usability-oriented website designer complete with markup (HTML4/5 and CSS2/3) and some front-end dev skills (JS).

Evan Skuthorpe is well-versed in designing and advocating for a varied set of users across many business industries and sectors whilst working with businesses to achieve their objectives.

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Professional bio

Evan's web and web-related design beginnings started in his bedroom in the family home where having built his first computer, he taught himself HTML markup with the aid of an 'Idiot's Guide to HTML' book and a 30-day-free-trial piece of software. Less than 30 days later, Evan had his own hand-coded website hosted on Geocities (those were the days). Evan's exposure to web 'design' per se came via formal education - in what was then called 'multimedia' (Dip. in Multimedia). He learned most however, while on-the-job.

Evan's early work saw him designing microsites, email newsletters and banners. These days Evan Designs anything from static HTML sites, CMS sites, back-end heavy sites, those driven by multiple micro-services and complex multi-user permissions-based responsive web apps for small and large screen devices. He's worked both in-house for small and large companies and agency-side for creative and advertising agencies. His experience has seen him working with different personalities, people and roles at all levels of a given organisation.

Evan's evolution to user experience (UX) designer came naturally - being more inclined to design thinking, problem solving, design rationale, usability and research. Nuanced aesthetic design skills like colour, typography and non-destructive design techniques were developed over the span of his career.

Currently, Evan runs OldWorld Creative Ltd. designing solutions for various clients. Most recently a UX-lead financial services transformation solution for a large business and commercial banking client in London.

Career overview

  • 17 years' designing usable web sites
  • 9 years' pure UX / product design focus
  • In-house / Agency experience
  • Senior / Lead experience

Design skills

  • Pen and paper
  • Axure (wireframes / prototyping)
  • XD (wireframes / prototyping / visual design)
  • Sketch / Invision (visual design)
  • Photoshop / InDesign

Markup / front-end skills

  • HTML5 / CSS3
  • Brackets (or any HTML editor)
  • Rapid prototyping

Rusty skills

  • OmniGraffle
  • Figma


  • Agile working / Scrum
  • Lean UX

Industry / sector experience

  • Startups / Greenfield
  • Financial services (commercial banking / business banking)
  • Education (eLearning for primary and secondary schools)
  • Maritime engineering (self-servicing tool for engineers)
  • Travel (booking / commerce / marketing)
  • eCommerce (retail)
  • Design and advertising agency (creative)


  • 2019 - BA (Hons) Photography with First Class Honours
  • 2002 - Diploma in Multimedia
  • 2002 - Diploma in Software Development
  • 2002 - Diploma in Network Engineering

Strengths and weaknesses

Evan is personable and pragmatic, a no-nonsense sort of guy. He's a strong conceptual thinker who enjoys solving problems (that's what UX is after all) and he's adept at identifying and improving upon arbitrary and system-driven journeys. He does this by rationalising user journeys and by then streamlining and simplifying tasks - always for the user and not the system. He's a strong advocate for the user.

Evan doesn't like presenting or pitching. In fact, he absolutely hates presenting and pitching and always has (honesty is the best policy, eh!). So, don't book him for this. Instead, for his well-rounded industry experience, excellent, solid, reasoned and robust UX thinking. Thinking that provides insightful and innovative solutions that improve upon the task at hand, as well as the overall experience of a given product. Put it like this - you don't hire your accountant for his sense of humour, you don't engage Evan for his public-speaking. We can't all be perfectly well-rounded superstars.

Personal bio

Graduating secondary school in 1999, Evan was young and with no real clue what he wanted to do in life. Turning down an offer for tertiary education, he continued working his beloved part-time high school jobs making burgers and delivering pizzas. Then one day in 2001 he knuckled down to study three Diplomas simultaneously. Completing these in early 2002, Evan then moved to London that same year to seek his fame and fortune. He failed at both.

18 years later, Evan loves London, but also hates it and calls it the 'Third World '. He's a well-travelled man and plans on winning the lottery one day. He will move back to the 'First World ' (Australia, obviously) in the future.

Evan is very much work-to-live kind of guy, and not the 'other ' kind - he is very good at what he does, but he certainly doesn't live and breathe work. He has a life - a young family and other interests in life - these being photography, art, modern history, politics, his family, and before kids - travelling.

Evan recently (2019) completed his bachelor's degree in photography (with first class honours) - this is his main passion and he can usually be found building on his long-term body of photographic work shooting in Soho (can be viewed over here and over there). Evan plans to continue further-education in photography and politics when money and time allow. He still plans to win the lottery.