The company .

Our history

OldWorld Creative Ltd. is a user-centred design solutions provider specialising in User Experience (UX) and Product Design across websites, native apps and desktop software. It was founded in the April of 2011 in London's inglorious Vauxhall during the time of that royal wedding thing ... the one where we got the extra bank holiday (not the one with the quitters). It was also that time when a mysterious orange-coloured pollution hung low over London, smothering us all - something akin to Day of the Triffids, or Little Shop of Horrors perhaps ... only design related ... or something. Today, OldWorld Creative Ltd. is located in the crossroads of Aldgate, straddling the ancient City of London and the East End.

Founder and main man, Evan Skuthorpe, decided he'd had enough of office politics and being a cog-in-a-wheel - working for those who failed to value design over 'delivery' (i.e. what design does, what it brings, why design is so important, and why everything and anything must be design-lead and not system-driven). Valuing quantified user-centred purpose-driven professionally designed and considered solutions over 'process' or 'system' driven 'solutions', Evan wanted a challenge and to be challenged, to have variety of work and clients, and to be the design authority, not a cog-in-a-wheel.

Shortly after setting up shop, OldWorld got its first client in the form of a famous home-shopping television channel and grew from there. Over the years clients have come from industries as varied as youth-oriented travel, ecommerce, maritime engineering, design and advertising agencies, education and the financial services. Fast forward to today, and OldWorld Creative Ltd. is continuing to do what it does so well - user experience and product design for clients all over London.

Clients have included

  • TerraQuest
  • Belstaff
  • Lloyds Banking Group
  • Pearson
  • FCB Inferno
  • The BIO Agency
  • Lloyd's Register
  • Infosys
  • Wunderman
  • John Lewis
  • STA Travel
  • MBA50
  • Shift 4
  • EE
  • Orange
  • T-Mobile
  • Dunnhumby
  • Artillery
  • Tesco
  • QVC
  • QS Ltd.
  • Tie Rack
  • Easy odds
  • Crew Clothing