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[Intro placeholder copy - Defining the UX methodology and working practice of Evan Skuthorpe, UX professional extraordinaire and how he tackles (or recommends tackling) any job.]

Working methodology / practice:

  • Agile is best
  • Waterfall is arbitrary and ridiculous
  • 'Expert' design basis first
  • Gain user insight
  • Rapid prototyping where UX, visual design and development work closely together is best
  • UX is never 'done' - nor 'completed' at the beginning of a project
  • Always iterate and refine
  • I wireframe, journey map, design and annotate interaction and generally conceive with pen and paper
  • Only when sound do I wireframing digitally - via Axure/Omnigraffle/Sketch or some such tool
  • Design is a thought-through process, conducted by design professionals, not a process that involves the opinion of the boss's wife's dog walkers kid 'cos she saw that thing on her shiny Mac that one time'
  • Wireframes are not a 'deliverable'
  • Wireframes are not something 'to be signed off'
  • Wireframes are but a manifestation of professional and reasoned design thought processes - a scribble on the back of a napkin is of the same value
  • The end solution is validated by the design professional via various means - i.e. 'expert design' methodology all the way through to testing the solution on human beings
  • User testing results are not a 'deliverable'
  • UX and UI are very different disciplines
  • There is no such thing as a 'UX Developer'