Wireframe sketch screenshot for the Blue Hive agency web site redesign
A wireframe sketch from the Blue Hive redesign showing the office details page which would highlight not only the location, but the services provided, work produced and the wonderful people who produce it.

A new website to attract new talent.

I joined Blue Hive tasked with leading the UX on a project to completely redesign the agencies world wide websites into a single website experience. I produced documentation on user journeys, a sitemap, scamps, wireframes and worked with the complete hive (get it?) to get buy-in on the new site direction I had created involving creative types, tech types, planners, PMs and a CEO.

The project was to craft a brand new site for all Blue Hive sites around the globe with the aim of attracting new talent and as a nod to current staff and the work they do. This site was to be responsive.

The brief was summarised as 'simple but with moments of delight' and to achieve this I focused the journeys and experience on the target user - the new talent and the new client. I did this not by replicating the bog-standard every-agency approach of 'hey look at our work' but by bringing to the fore the people and the services the agency provides and placing this in context of the work the agency produces. The aim of this was to highlight the work flow and working practices within each Service (eg. UX or Creative) telling the story of how all this leads to the final work produced for clients. It not only gives a complete picture for potential talent to understand how Blue Hive works, but also lends insight to existing and potential clients on how their work is produced. Additionally to this, areas such as Careers where highlighted and brought to the forefront


This approach naturally highlighted not just the work output but also how the work is produced. It's something no other agency site does let alone does well. This approach caters to new talent by not just showing the final output out-of-context to how it was made but draws attention to how it was made and this goes down well with potential talent, as they know what they're getting into with Blue Hive.