Screenshot of a UX review document for BMW's new online car purchase functionality
The new BMW online car purchase functionality underwent a UX review to iron out any glitches and allowed time to further recommend improvements.

FCB Inferno, their BIG new automotive client and me

I was the Lead UX on FCB Inferno's newly won client; BMW. I ran a UX audit on many aspects of BMW's web sites.

It's like online shopping, but for cars

I conducted a large and wide ranging audit at the ground level of BMW's new online car purchasing feature. This feature allows new and existing BMW customers to buy their cars online, something that isn't widely done in the industry, let alone in the UK. I made recommendations on improving and streamlining user journeys, enhancing interaction between buyer and dealer, introducing best-practice and convention where it was required while pushing boundries elsewhere. Additionally I made recommendations on their tone-of-voice ie branding language Vs plain English.

The work I produced covered a huge set of user journeys - from multiple entry points through to a registered customer only area. This also covered the BMW Sales Agent side of the interaction.

All my recommendations were taken on board and implemented by BMW here in the UK as well as in Germany.

New Car Configurator

An existing piece of BMW functionality that required some TLC, I audited and made recommendations around journey improvements and sign posting.

i3 and i8 electric cars

A site audit with recommendations were the name of the game here. BMW's electric car web site was a shambles so I made recommendations that brought structure to the content and improved the navigation bringing clarity to the content.