Screenshot of wireframes for the desktop based application I worked on at Lloyds Register
A wireframe of the Threadneedle homepage bringing into focus the key elements that Threadneedle wanted featured. A UCD approach wasn't wanted by Threadneedle.

Redesign for a brand merger

Threadneedle wanted to redesign their website in readiness for a brand merger to become Columbia Threadneedle. Initially there were UCD techniques employed in the early phases of the redesign but Threadneedle decided against this approach instead directing the content and design as they felt appropriate.

Project scope and a good old fashioned reskin

The scope of the redesign started life as a full blown UX led redesign with the caveat that we had to work strictly with existing content. This meant organising existing content into more appropriate hierarchy. This hierarchy was based on user personas describing the different kinds of customer Columbia Threadneedle had. In the end, due to internal Threadneedle manoeuvring, the project became a simple reskin to suit the timeframe for their brand merger.