Screenshot of some of my wireframes for the One Pearson web site
Some stills from the mobile view of the One Pearson project giving an idea of some of the page templates.

A huge new all-in-one website

My role at Pearson was as Lead UX for the One Pearson project and I was responsible for the UX architecture and the experience design, in turn producing a user flow, a sitemap and iterative wireframes.

The project was to create a vast new website that aimed to pull together the many widely varying educational sectors of the business on a mobile-on-up responsive basis.

I worked directly alongside talented front-end developers to establish interaction patterns that simply can't (and shouldn't) be established in the wires. I also worked alongside other talented UX professionals and a great Senior UXer, brilliant copywriters, knowledgeable back-end developers, diplomatic BA’s, an excellent PM and a wonderful business sponsor.

The project initially ran in waterfall but thankfully shifted to an agile methodology where we worked in sprints via user stories on a Kanban board, both physical and through Jira.