Screenshot of wireframes for the desktop based application I worked on at Lloyds Register
UI design of the destination page that features a map based search for flights and accommodation as well as local recommendations as well as tours, accommodation, flights, activites and inspirational content for a given destination.

Lead UX and UI guy

I joined STA Travel's global web team which oversaw the online direction of all their global websites. My role was to assist STA in bringing an agency led re-design in-house and to over see the continuation of the new UI applied across the rest of the site and to lead the UX on these other areas of the site.

Bringing agency in-house

STA had an agency conduct an audit of their site and commence with a redesign of the homepage and flights landing pages. This set the tone for the UI and some of the UX. This is where I came in, I commenced a UX review of the remaining elements of the site and proceeded to sketch and wireframe these pages, documenting the new user journeys and later adapting the new UI to these new wireframes.

Guiding and advising

STA didn't have any in-house UX professionals so I helped set them up ready to take on a full-time role to oversee their UI and UX into the future.