Screenshot of a wireframe scamp for Arrow's Manufactures page
The new manufacturer page decluttered the original bringing order and a logical structure to the content. I also introduced a consistent layout for company contact information as well as popular products and complete product ranges, enhancing the scan-ability and readability of the page.
Screenshot of a wireframe scamp for Arrow's News and Events page
The news and events page followed suit bringing structure and column based layout to what was formerly a very disorganised page.

Lead the UX on the new eCommerce site for The Bio Agency

I joined The BIO Agency as Lead UX. I took over from their in-house Lead UX role while they ran workshops with their big new client. My role was to assume control and lead a team of 3 other UXers to produce wireframes in sketch form and in Omnigraffle. I was tasked with leading the UX thinking on an 'expert review' basis of the new site's page templates as well as formulating solutions to tasks that came out of the client workshop.

My output was to sketch these UX solutions before turning them into Omnigraffle wireframes for mobile, tablet and desktop. I also mentored three UX interns that The BIO Agency had working on the project whom I guided and advised on UX matters. The interns helped to produce Omnigraffle wireframes from my sketches.

The student becomes the master (guiding a digital agency on UX matters)

One particular challenge of the role was that The BIO Agency were UI design lead and not UX design lead. This meant that I not only had make recommendations to alter 'completed' UI designs but also I had to influence and change the thinking within The BIO Agency to allow proper UX thinking (not to mention UX output) before the UI work could commence. It was an unusual setup and I had mixed success in this endeavour. None-the-less, I advised on the best possible workflow whether it was adopted or not.

Due to this unusual setup at The BIO Agency I effectively had to reverse-engineer desktop UI designs to provide a mobile-first UX solution.

A win for UX!

In the end, the client stated that they were very pleased with the UX recommendations that I had made asking for them to be implemented over the previous work The BIO Agency had produced. A win for UX!